MongoDB VS SQL Server Database

MongoDB VS SQL Server Database

MongoDB was initially released in Feb 2009 and it was written in C++, C and JavaScript. MongoDB is open source document-oriented database program which free. MongoDB is considered in the category of NoSQL database program like MapR, Elastic and TITAN. As MongoDB is open source document for this purpose it stored files in BSON files, Binary JSON so it supports all the types of JavaScript. MongoDB provides greater proficiency and consistency in the storage capacity and in the point of speed. MongoDB has Dynamic Schemas that eliminate the need for predefined fields or values like structure.

SQL Server 

SQL is specialized to a particular application domain. SQL manages its data in Relational Database Management System named as RDMS. SQL has a concept of accessing many records with one single command. It is one of the first Databases designed by Donald D. Chamberlin. Its first release was about almost 43 years ago.

Choose the Right One

These days there is a lot of evolution in the databases it is far more than rows and columns. At present, there are two major types of databases i.e. SQL and NoSQL

When you have to work for better speed results without even structure and to search a large number of results in less time then NoSQL database would be more preferable. NoSQL databases like MongoDB have benefits that Integrated storage engines and also shortened the time between primary failure and recovery. It also has the ability to scale easily.

On the other hand, lets we have difficult and complex structure relations between entities and a new entity and we have to work on different criteria that are unique to each specific group of items. In these scenarios, SQL Databases would be more preferable than NoSQL.