Top 6 Cracking ASO Tips

Top 6 Cracking ASO Tips

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a way that will rank your Application/Games in a relevant App store like Google App Store etc. In every Apps making company, there is a question that how does a marketer optimize for better discoverability in an app store?

If you want to boost your ranking in Apps search engine then you should adopt following techniques/tips. Here, I will give you an overview of a generic view

  1. Choose the right App Name

    Choose the right App name is the first step to move towards excellence. As an ASO, you should pick a right App name with a combination of relative and trending keywords that will give a strong image of your Application. Titles in the Google App Store can be up to 255 characters, but only show 23 characters in search results or top chart page & the 30th character in Google Play. Google App titles for installed apps in a device navigation menu or home screen are truncated after 11 and 14 characters.

  2. Keyword Stuffing

    For every product that related to search based on keywords. And it will take more importance when google involves them. Pick a right keyword is a time consuming and important task for any ASO. Every game is based on a single or multiple keywords including single Tier keyword, Double Tier Keywords & Multiple Words Keywords. You have to stuff your keywords in the best way. The density that allows google play store is about 6% to 10%. You can write your description up to 4000 characters. For best results, write for the customer first, and make small edits for keywords next — remember that the ranking algorithms take both keywords and conversion metrics into account.

  3. Effective Description

    Your description for Google Play Store is strictly relevant to your game & category. You can embed multiple keywords in your description. You can write a description for your android game Up to 4000 characters. We should recommend focussing the bulk of your energy on the first three lines of your description to immediately grab your reader’s attention. Given the ever-growing number of apps in the marketplace, customers are sure to have a few — if not several — alternatives to consider when evaluating yours. Make their decision easy by immediately communicating what it does and why they should use it.

  4. A unique & outstanding icon

    Your game icon should be unique in nature & design in such way that it should clearly describe your game by the first impression. For iOS icons, (different for different Apps Search Engine) the most important thing to note is that icons should be sized to at least 1024×1024 pixels for APP Store. For Android icon, the only difference is that Google Play Store requires a 512×512 Pixels dimension icon, rather than 1024×1024.

  5. Effective Screen Shots

    Screenshots are the first look after of your game that most people first check screenshot then download the game. Screenshots are effective in such a way that it describes the whole gameplay in a clear way. Screen Shots should capture in high quality & captures important points. Some people also add videos for their gameplay which is a better option for the branding of any game. Whatever your approach, your screenshots should show off your app’s most pivotal features, latest updates, and the pages on which your customers will spend most of their time. Skip the pretty splash pages in your screenshots and show the customer what they can expect to form you during everyday use.

  6. Localize your App Listing

    When it comes to global marketing, a “one-size-fits-all” approach simply won’t cut it. Today, only 31% of app revenue is generated by North American consumers. And of those consumers outside the English-speaking world, 72% prefer to use their native language when shopping, even if they’re fluent in English. Both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store allow you to localize your listing to make both discoverability and readability easier for customers in different countries. By doing so, you can increase both adoption and conversion of your Apps, as more customers find your apps using relative keywords in their language and as more customer download it after seeing a welcoming good product page in their language. Together, these two localization effects, you can add up to as much as a 760% increase in downloads.