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Allow Single Instance of the page type in Episerver CMS

When we are working with the Episerver website there are few page types that we want Content editors to create only one instance of the page. Such as the “Search result page”. We only want one search…

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.NET Core Web API Jwt (JSON Web Token) Authentication with ASP.NET identity model

Recently I come across a requirement to create .NET Core Web API using JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication. I have used ASP.NET identity to provide a role-based authentication model. I have used .NE…

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Get filtered results from Episerver Business Foundation class

Last week I come across a requirement to get Episerver commerce list of customers based on filtered criteria such a get customers based on the validity of a certain field. As we all know Episerver st…

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Change Episerver Admin Account Password

A lot of times we come across an issue when we forgot Episerver administrator password in our local environment or if we have restored the database from other environments and we might don’t know its…

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Episerver Personalisation Criteria based on UK postcodes

Recently I come across the requirement to do personalization based on UK postcodes. The format of UK postal codes is very well structured. It consists of two alphanumeric codes called “Outward code”…

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Episerver Personalization Criteria based on GeoCoordinates & radius

Lot of times we come across the requirement to apply personalization based on visitor’s GeoCoordinates (latitude & longitude) & if visitor location is within specified distance to a ‘centre point loc…

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EpiServer: Investigating missing blobs using Sql queries

we often need to use existing database and blobs to create new environment. For example, new Dev or staging environment using blobs and database from integration environment If for some reason b…

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Add images to Azure blob storage in .NET Core

This article explains how to add images to Azure blob storage container using C# .NET Core. The Complete code can be downloaded from following GitHub repository Nuget Url: https://www.nuget.o…

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